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May 19, 2014

Friendship Park - Washington, D.C.



Before a spectacular Little League game, President Obama stopped by to take pictures with the teams.


My mouth was speechless as he strolled in.  We were all truly stunned. 

The President took pictures and shook hands with me, my team, and the other teams.


One of the coaches said, "Why don't you throw out the first pitch?"  My coach then told me to get on the gear.  I responded, "Why, are we starting?"


Once I was done, I looked up and saw all the coaches and players standing on the foul lines.  As I ran to get to my position, my teamates whispered to me, "You better catch the ball!"


The pitch comes, and I am as on edge as I can get.  The pitch is in the right batter's box.  I think to myself "nooooo!!!!!" as I dive for the ball.


The dust rises up, and I see the ball in my glove!  I think to myself, "I caught it, I actually caught it!"


"You saved me from grounding it!" the President said appreciatively.


The game started.  We did amazing, with a final score of 12-1!


Well, I saved him alright, I saved him from grounding it, and at least I thought I saved him from getting impeached!!!!

                                                                                               - Danny Ringel


Read Official White House Release Here

My Interview with ABC7 !

"Oh! He saved me from grounding it! 

He saved me! That's a good catcher

right there!"

President Obama


After the pitch....

"Thanks, man! You saved me from grounding it!"

President Obama (to Danny)


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